10 Things You Want To Learn

Today I have chose to do the prompt “10 Things I want to learn”. For me, there are plenty of things that I wish I knew how to do. Here are 10 things I am putting effort into learning lately: Spanish: This is something I’ve always been putting off. Now that I am taking Elementary […]

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Draw A Map Of Your Week

So this week went by super fast! I had a great weekend then all of a sudden it’s Monday and I have to go back to classes/ work. Before I knew it, my week flew by all at once with nothing done. I felt as though I had worked so hard but got nothing accomplished. […]

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Collaborative Narrative

For this week, I had a collaborative project that in which I made (or attempted to make) a horror story on Facebook. I allowed any of my Facebook friends to comment and add to the story. Although it seems more suspense happened than story, I feel as though this project turned out pretty well. I […]

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The Truth About Me

What I love about myself is how I can always see the positives in life. No matter how hard I fall I always pick myself back up. When I lost someone close to me, I thought all was lost. But instead, I learned how sadness doesn’t accomplish anything. If you were to ever meet me […]

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